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Malay Culture

Malay World View

Philosophy of life is a concept or mindset about humanity and surrounding situation which is used to obtain meaningful lives. It comes from the response and answer to the significance of human existence which mostly grapples with person-God, person-human, and person-nature relations.

Every single person has its own philosophy of life including the Malay people. Malay as a cultural identity is often associated with Muslim holding Malay custom-adat and occupying Malay areas. However, such definition merely produces reductive definition on what is Malay since not every single Malay person is Muslim occupying Malay areas and holding Malay custom-adat.

From this point we may say that Malay is not solely a single and homogenous cultural entity, but, indeed, it is a very heterogeneous one. Malay is like a house occupied by people with different points of view as the consequence of different religions and believes. At the end, the differences on religious and belief systems like above, later on create cultural diversities on custom-adat, conceptual cosmology, time, and bread and butter system. attempts to explain and elaborate Malay philosophy of life based on that cultural diversity, which comes out of the multifarious philosophy of life of the Malay people. Therefore, would like to categorize Malay philosophy of life into seven subjects consisting of Malay philosophy about God (creator), cosmology, time, work and destiny, humanity, ghost, and ancestor.

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (ter/49/09-08)

  1. Religion. (3)
  2. Cosmology. (6)
  3. Cycle of Life. (6)
  4. Social Ethic. (5)
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